Choosing a Metal Dynamic Wired Microphone
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Choosing a Metal Dynamic Wired Microphone

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Choosing a Metal Microphone is an essential step for those who play aggressive vocals. Metal music is usually loud, with roaring instruments and vocals that can be quite aggressive. As a result, it is essential to find the best microphone for metal singers that can withstand the high sound pressure and noise levels without distortion. Although most metal vocal microphones are dynamic, the frequency response and quality of the building components are also critical.

A high-end microphone can cost a lot, especially if it's meant for heavy duty use. But a good microphone can be worth the price. Most metal producers agree that combining a high-end metal microphone with a good-quality bass cab will give them the right frequency coverage.

Another popular choice for a Metal Wired Microphone is a high-quality condenser mic. This type of mic is ideal for capturing aggressive vocals with throaty low-ends. However, this does not mean that all vocalists in extreme metal use the same mic. If you're not sure which type of microphone you should use, record the same vocal take through several different mics to maximize the variety of tones and thicken the overall tone of the vocal.


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