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  • JS8FX
Main fuction:
Two Group AUX output and  One Group return.
High Precision 60mm long life fader.
With 99 DSP Digital effects
Dual Seven sections main control EQ
It is independent listen each channel Recording and 
headphone listen output .
High quality With MP3 playe.
+48V Phantom power.
Technical Specification:
Channel MIC/LINE:8
Main BUS: 1 Stereo,
Channel EQ: 4 Band
Total Harmonic Distortion:≤0.05%
Frequency Response:15Hz~22KHz
S/N Ratio:≥95dB
Max Outputs:4V Max
input Sensitivity:Mic-60dB
Input EQ:HI±15dB/12KHz
Output Power:4Ω 2/350W
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