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  • JS-4D_6D_8D
Main fuction:
One Group AUX output and return.
High Precision 60mm long life fader.
With 16 DSP Digital effects
Dual 5 band EQ
It is independent listen each channel Recording and 
headphone listen output .
High quality With MP3 playe.
+48V Phantom power.
Technical Specification:
Channel MIC/LINE:8
Main BUS: 1 Stereo,
Channel EQ: 3 Band
Total Harmonic Distortion:≤0.05%
Frequency Response:18Hz~18KHz
S/N Ratio:≥103dB
Max Outputs:4V Max
input Sensitivity:Mic-50dB
Input EQ:HI±15dB/12KHz
Output Power: 4Ω 2/150W
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