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MT series

  • MT系列
◇ MT series is the pursuit of faster response speed, higher damping factor, richer features, more advanced protection system, SMD production technology, sophisticated components. MT Series amplifiers can withstand stereo 2Ω, 4Ω bridge load, suitable for driving linear array speaker system.
◇ Three high (high efficiency, high speed, high current output) circuit design, combined with the improved Class J design so that the amplifier under the premise of absolute safety output large current, easily face a variety of loads, better reflect the value of high quality speakers.
◇ Perfect and reliable protection, from short circuit, overload, overheating, DC, delay, loss of pressure limit surge, overvoltage, VHF and so readily available.
◇Excellent AB class sound quality MT series amplifier sound interpretation is very natural and accurate. Adequate power control of the speaker system is swaying. From 2 * 500W to 2 * 1200W readily available, you can match any kind of speaker
◇Using large-capacity filter capacitor, high-quality low leakage transformer ring and high-quality high-power audio output tube
◇Multi-level logic power supply, and each channel has a high-performance filters, greatly improving the power amplifier's effectiveness and stability
◇All high-quality long-life components, and the precise matching of key components, and leave enough margin. Improved class J design, the application of the current feed forward, equidistant hysteresis two new technologies, compared with the traditional Class H design, MT series amplifier to reduce the heat, reducing the interference and enhance the reliability.
Technical Parameters:                
Model  MT-2500 MT-2600 MT-2700 MT-2800 MT-2900 MT-3000 MT-3200 MT-3400
Stereo output power 8Ω 2*500W 2*600W 2*700W 2*800W 2*900W 2*1000W 2*1100W 2*1200W
Stereo output power 4Ω 2*700W 2*900W 2*1050W 2*1200W 2*1400W 2*1600W 2*1700W 2*1800W
Stereo output power 2Ω 2*800W 2*1000W 2*1200W 2*1600W 2*1800W 2*2000W 2*2100W 2*2200W
Bridge Mono Output 8Ω 1200W 1600W 2000W 2400W 2700W 3000W 3200W 3400W
Frequency response 20Hz - 20KHz +0/-0.3dB
T.H.D <0.03%@8Ω 1KHz
S/N >95dB >93dB
Transient response 35V/u S 44V/u S
Damping coefficient >400 >300
Crosstalk >70dB@8Ω 1KHz
Input impedance 20KΩ(Balance)/10KΩ(Unbalance)
Input sensitivity 0.775V/1.0V/1.4V
Protect Overheat short circuits,DC,limit and--softstart,Output relay-Zero Current Switch,Intellctual Clip limiter
Height 2U
Size 483x471x88.8mm

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