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  • SN-8602
System Parameters:
Frequency Range:612.25-867MHz
Adjustable Channels:1600(8 bands,each 200channels)
Channel Space:250KHz
Oscillation Mode PLL synthesized
Frequency Stability:±10ppm
Dynamic Range:100db
Audio Bandwidth:60-1600Hz
S/N Ratio:≥100dB
T.H.D at 1kHz:≤0.5%
Operation distance:150(Ideal conditions)
Working environment temperature:-10℃~+50℃
Receiver Specfications:
Frequency Range:740~789.75MHz(can change the frequency band as need)
Adjustable Channels:200 CH(8 bands,each 200channels)
Oscillation Mode PLL synthesized
Frequency Stability:±10ppm
Receiver sensitivity:Twice mixer superheterodunce circuit
Receiver sensitivity:-95~-77dBm
Audio Bandwidth:40-1800Hz
T.H.D at 1kHz:≤0.5%
S/N Ratio:≥110dB
Power Supply:2x1.5V AA Size
Battery Life:8~20hours(depending on the battery types and capacity)
Audio Output:+10dB(6.3 mix output,the other is Cannon balanced output)
Power Supply:DC12V
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