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  • SN-5804
The ring around the cartridge will be lighted when the microphone is turned on.There is an alarm for low power, separated output and 
mixed output; the whole unit shall be connected with power mixer or power amplifier More than 80dB noise automatically avoidable, modulation range from -25 to 25k,
wide frequency range voice and easily use and store, convenient to carry and multi-frequency for large sized conference use
Technical Specification:
Power mode: DC9V for transmitter and AC220V/50Hz for the receicer
Frequency Range: VHF (200-270)MHz
Frequency Stability: +/-0.002%
Ratio of S/N: >97dB
Interruptio ratio: >80dB
Dynamic range: >90dB
Distortion: <5%
Sensitivity: 50us (SINAD=20dB)
Audio output: Single channel: 400mv Mixed: 300mv
Type: Condenser
Direction: Cardioid
Frequency response: (60-16000)Hz
Transmitter currency: 20mA
Sensitivity: -43+/-1dB
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